2021 Race Day Information

Everything you need to know about the 2021 TTC is below.


  • Check in / Same day registration: HHS Football Field Concession Stand starting at 7:45am. Those who registered after the shirt deadline (6/4) do not receive a tshirt.
  • Tiger Time Challenge begins at 8:30am from the track. Runners will be released in groups of about 10 people approximately 2-3 minutes apart. If your group has more than 10, no worries, you can be released together. Teams and individuals have the flexibility of choosing which wave they run.
  • The challenge is not timed.
  • We encourage runners to attempt each challenge, however they are optional.
  • There will be water stations available on the course to drink.
  • Be ready for a muddy, water-filled, sweaty, FUN time – dress appropriately.
  • As you conquer the Tiger Time Challenge, we encourage you to help us cheer on the remaining runners to finish together as a TEAM.
  • This is a family friendly event. We encourage family and friends to cheer for runners and be part of our TIGER TUNNEL as the runners finish!!


7:30 Volunteers will meet in stands to receive placements and discuss responsibilities.

Course Map and Description


  1. One lap around the track
  2. Over Under Hurdles
  3. Tiger Crawl – weave in and out of football bards on hands/feet – on grass
  4. The WALL – climb the wall
  5. Tiger Flip – flip multiple large tires behind the tennis courts
  6. Push-ups
  7. Slippery Climb – 3 round bales with plastic/water/soap
  8. Slippery Slope – slip and slide down the hill
  9. Crouching Tiger – mud at end of slides, belly crawl
  10. Rock and Roll – throw dice. Number on dice equals # of times to run around the circle
  11. Front Plank for 60 seconds
  12. 20 V-ups
  13. 20 Jump Squats – then run around Vineyard Church and back
  14. Wall Balls – toss 10 times
  15. Tiger Plunge – dumpster dive
  16. Farmer’s Carry – each person carry’s 1-2 buckets of sand once around bases
  17. Partner Carry – piggyback a friend to a cone, then switch to next one
  18. 15 burpees
  19. Lunge Jumps
  20. Wheel Barrow – Wheel barrow a partner to a cone, then switch to next cone
  21. Balance Beams – walk on soccer benches
  22. Hay Bale Hurdles – rectangle bales stacked up high to crawl over
  23. Tiger Tar Training – a few exercises on the tar
  24. Texas Hold ‘Em
  25. One lap around track upon entering the field
  26. Field goal then sprint to finish